Margaret Sanger: The Inventor Of Birth Control Pill

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Did you know that 55% of teenage girls in the United States take the birth control pill? That means on average, over half of the girls in your school are most likely taking it also. But, this didn’t used to be the case. In fact, “birth control” didn’t even used to be a pill. Birth control was first invented by Margaret Sanger. Margaret Sanger, the inventor of birth control was born 1879 in Corning, New York. Her parents were irish, and her maiden name was Higgins. Being the sixth out of eleven children in her family, she went through hard times. Because of this she later began to dislike large families. She associated them with poverty, arguments, and unemployment. She believed smaller families were more relaxed, wealthy, and clean. Sanger became a nurse in 1900, and married William Sanger in 1902. She soon became a feminist, and gave many talk on women 's health. Margaret was the type of person who was going to say what she thought and act upon it whether it was right or wrong (Shaw, Planned Parenthood, past and present). Margaret Sanger believed that there were too many unwanted children. Beginning the road to her invention, she gathered her friends that agreed with her views. With their help she created the new movement called birth…show more content…
There are many methods of birth control, but the most popular one today is pills. This is what most people probably think of when someone mentions birth control. The pills are taken by females only, and require a doctor 's prescription. The success rate for the pills is 100%. They work by creating a hormonal imbalance that copied pregnancy. These are taken normally 3 weeks out of the month. If you fail to remember to take one or more pills, you are more likely to get pregnant. There are however side effects of taking the birth control pill. Some being nausea and headaches. If one certain medical issues, they would be unable to take it (“ Birth
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