Margaret Thatcher's Eulogy Summary

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Then former prime minister of Great Britain, Margaret Thatcher, recited a eulogy in 2004 in remembrance of former President of the United States Ronald Reagan on how both world leaders were so close. Thatcher’s purpose to speak about President Ronald Reagan was to show how great of a leader Reagan was during the political upheaval during the Cold War. She adopts a heartwarming tone in order to show the citizens of the United States the level of leadership and heroism he incorporated when trying to prevent two countries from the destroying the Earth and humanity itself. Thatcher begins the eulogy towards President Reagan by mentioning that not just the citizens of the United States has lost a great president but that the whole democratic world has lost a great and influential man. She uses many…show more content…
The first sentence states,” Others prophesied the decline of the West. He inspired America and its allies with renewed faith in their mission of freedom .” In the first six sentences , she repeatedly uses “Others” (Reagan’s rivals) and “He” (President Reagan) as opposites facing each other during the climax of the Cold War. Next, Thatcher uses dialogue spoken between President Ronald Reagan and the leader of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev at the Geneva Summit. When talking about problems plaguing both the first world and second world powerhouses, Ronald Reagan told the leader of the country that he had been in constant conflict, “Let me tell you why we distrust you.” The level of professionalism and nerves required to deliver such a sentence to a world leader is something great, heroic men can only dream of. Finally, Thatcher uses the personification of the words Reagan told Gorbachev during a very taxing, toxic world-wide situation. She described Regan’s words as ,”candid and tough,” as giving the words weight and significance in the sense of human
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