Margarita Engle's Literary Analysis

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Before becoming a full time poet and novelist margarita angle was a normal girl. Margarita grew up in Los Angeles and spent time with her extended family in Cuba during the summer (Margarita Engle).Margarita Engle raises awareness about Cuban culture and Cuban history through her literary works The Surrender Tree, The Poet Slave, and Drum Dream Girl. First The surrender Tree impacted awareness for the war between the Spanish and Cubans.The surrender tree is a book composed of poems in the perspective of people during the war. This book will create a picture of what the Cuban and Spanish war was like.“Slavery all day,and then, suddenly, by nightfall- freedom!”(The Surrender Tree Quotes).This quote shows how people at that time struggled…show more content…
The poet slave describes the life of a boy as a slave. She puts the book into many little poems describing how he was kept like a pet and shows how people were treated back then.“Now my owner is ghostly inside her skeleton of powder but I, being only a poodle, can watch I am allowed to know these truths about shadow and light”(The Poet Slave of Cuba).This quote shows how broken he was at the time. It also shows how many were treated at this time to make the reader realize just how hard times were.this book impacted the history part of Cuban past times. This book also creates awareness for the reader so we don't repeat the past. For my final text Drum Dream Girl impacted awareness of the past and how courage can pay off. In this story a little girl lives in a village where music not allowed. when the little girl has enough she uses courage and plays anyways.“On an island of music in a city of drum beats the drum dream girl dreamed.”(Drum Dream Girl).If you have background knowledge on this story this means she is sad and that she wishes the town could play music. This story is true and shows the history of Cuban culture and how courage can help a
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