Margarita Holmes Letter To Ida

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This article speaks about a dynamic duo from Rappler, a social news network, which run an advice column. Clinical psychologist, Dr. Margarita Holmes, has been training her partner Jeremy Baer- a graduate from Oxford University, the tips and tricks in giving sound advice for the last 10 years in order for them to give the best feedback possible to viewers. In this article, a letter is written in to Dr. Holmes and Mr. Baer from Ida, a single mom, who claims that after she refused to send a man who she had been talking (non-stop) to online a “sexy picture”, he immediately “turned cold”. Ida also includes that this man is indeed a “special friend” to her as well as 10 years younger. Ida states that she enjoys having a single guy whose 10 years younger still finding an interest in “pursuing her”; however, she doesn 't understand why he has chosen to sometimes now “ignore her” just because she didn 't do what he had asked. Her friend even advised her with saying she is “too serious”…show more content…
Holmes and Mr. Baer gave Ida. Based off of what we discussed in class, this undoubtedly seems like an infringement of cyber ethics. Mr. Baer mentions what I think is the most important concept of this whole article, how does Ida know this person she is talking to is indeed a male and 10 years younger than her? There are many different predators online- male and female, younger and older. And once again, as Mr. Baer mentions, what will in fact happen to those pictures if Ida decides to send them; surly, the “special friend” won’t just look at them and decide to quickly delete them, what if he is an enemy of Ida and will use them to get revenge on her? There are several factors to consider when speaking with essentially a stranger, on the internet; personal information for one should never be revealed, and certainly information such as pictures of your body that you wouldn 't hand out to just any other stranger on the street should not be revealed
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