Margarita's Bargain

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There are different ways of making our Anaheim schools better. Right now our schools may be doing good depending on how your perspective towards the schools is, but what if we could improve them? In order to increase student success at Anaheim schools, students must follow protocol called SSLANT. In Gladwell’s research essay, “Margarita’s Bargain,” he explains how SSLANT worked in the school he talked about, KIPP Academy. “In the classroom, they are taught to turn and address anyone talking to them using a protocol known as SSLANT.” This quote made by Gladwell shows how the students are taught to be respectful when talking to someone. This keeps them focused and shows them how to act mature like instead of being immature and goofing off. Having…show more content…
Another way to improve our student’s success in Anaheim schools is to teach our kids that effort and having a growth mindset is what keeps students going. Dweck the author of “How to Make your Kids Smart” explains that effort is very important. “Studies show that teaching people to have a growth mindset helps make them into high achievers.” This quote made by Dweck shows us that having a growth mindset lets you think outside the box and become more independent especially when it comes down to education. Many students tell themselves they are dumb when it comes to a challenging situation when in reality they are just giving up too early. They don 't give themselves a chance and instead have a fixed mindset which is bad and keeps you from growing in life. Effort is also such a big concept when it comes to having a growth mindset. “Fixed mindset students had a negative views of effort, believing that having to work hard at something was a sign of low ability.” Dweck mentions that students should focus on effort instead of how fast they find the solution to problems. You shouldn 't tell your children that they are very smart but instead tell them that they did a very good job and put a lot of effort into their work. They gain confidence and try harder until they finally succeed. Dweck points out many ways to help others find out how they can help their children succeed in school. This can both help parents
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