Margayya's Familial Inauthentic Involvements In The Financial Expert?

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The present paper aims at depicting Margayya’s familial inauthentic involvements in The Financial Expert. The hero of the novel Margayya lives with his wife and with his son Balu in his family. Margayya’s involvement with his wife proves inauthentic in the novel. He is also inauthentic in bringing up his child with his excessive love due to which the child is spoiled and fails in his life. Similarly Balu’s involvement with his mother and with his wife after his marriage is also inauthentic. The Financial Expert, first published in 1952 in England, is Narayan’s sixth novel. It is regarded as one of R.K. Narayan’s most successful works in the field of Indo-Anglian Fiction. This novel is the story of the rise and fall of Margayya, a proud money lender in Malgudi. He is a complex and…show more content…
One day when he is searching his horoscope, his wife asks the reason for the same. He tells her not to worry because he is not hunting out his horoscope in order to search for a wife. However, his wife Meena says that she will not mind. Thus Margayya behaves rudely with his wife whenever he is in disturbed position. Hence he is inauthentic in his dealing with her as she tries to fully co-operate him whatever the situation is. Margayya doesn’t tell his wife about his plan of worshipping. He gives her a hundred rupees and gives her the list of articles. His wife arranges all things and helps him in his worshipping. However, after the process of worshipping, Margayya’s financial condition becomes poor. This affects their involvement as his wife advises him to do some work and earn some money. William Walsh comments: “In the period succeeding his protracted act of faith, Margayya is reduced pretty well to despair, his money is almost gone, he no longer works outside the bank, his relations with his wife, increasingly soured by disappointment and deprivation, become even more acrid.” (Walsh

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