Marge Piercy's Poem, Barbie Doll

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In Marge Piercy’s poem, Barbie Doll, she reminds young adults that the must have childhood toy was a Barbie Doll. Barbie, at one point, became so popular that every little girl was dying to have one. One main points of the short poem was asking the reader to examine what comes to mind when you think of a Barbie doll? Most will say a toy from a previous childhood. The overall view of this poem is about a girl who was born not like everyone else and she never gets a chance to make her own decisions in life. She always tried to satisfy everyone around her and to just have them accept her the way she is. She realized that she didn’t need to change anymore and just gave up her life to please people. In a society to be accepted you have to change…show more content…
When I was 7 years old my mother got me a Barbie doll toy. It was one of the most gorgeous dolls that I ever gotten at the age of 7. I played with that thing 24/7-- every day of the week. My mother, for the first time, said I could take it to school with me. So I did. All my friends saw how new the doll was and started making fun of me. They said things so mean that I went home and cried in my room till I fell asleep. I use to please all my friends to get them to accept me the way I was. I really didn’t hit puberty as a young girl until I turned 9 or 10. Someone said I was fat all around my body which kind of made me upset even more. According to the poem “Barbie Doll”, a classmate said you have a great big nose and fat legs. Which was really mean to say to her at a young age. (Barbie Doll). There are bullies out there in school that will be riotous mean to the kids that are very special in life. I would never kill myself like in the poem. She did all this stuff to please her friends and family like get plastic surgery and wear makeup. In the poem it says in the casket displayed on satin she lay with the undertaker’s cosmetics painted on, a turned-up putty nose, dressed in a pink and white nightie. Doesn’t she look pretty? Everyone said. Consummation at last. To every woman a happy ending. (Piercy) What it lead to was nothing and she realized that in the end she didn’t need it anymore and she just gave up. Just
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