Marginalization Of Dalit Women

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Marginalization in terms of Dalit in India has been the most exploited, subjugated and oppressed class. More so, women of this class, by virtue of their gender, are even worse victims as they suffer double marginalization because of their caste and gender. Inequality is the main source of this marginality which leads to insecurity, injustice and exploitation. Marginalized sections are always on the periphery and distanced from the power centres. The attempts by Dalit women scholars at academic engagement are often disrupted by the academic elitism prevalent in India. The Dalit-woman question is not merely an issue of inclusion or protection. It is also an issue of citizenship too. But the elite academics seem to believe that they are special category which needs special preference. They consider that the Dalit-woman question can be settled through soft dialogues and debates. Dalit women constitute a sizable portion of total female population, or the total population. However, there is little understanding of the economic, religious, political and ideological isolation of Dalit women. This is certainly true of their experience in the mainstream women 's movements, where most of them feel disillusioned and alienated. Dalit womanism will be broad enough to include not only the experience of the Dalit women in general, but also the expression of the diversity of the experiences of religious minorities, tribal and ethnic identities who are presently termed subaltern. It will
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