Margolin Vs Novelty Now Case Study

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In the case of Donald Margolin, vs. Novelty Now Inc, and three guys, Chris, Matt, and Ian, whom all live in the state of California decided to market their aftershave lotion “Funny Face” over the Internet. Donald Margolin, a successful CEO is seeking damages after he bought a bottle of Funny Face aftershave lotion that was discovered that a low-cost chemical PYR turned his face a permanent shade of blue. Even though, the site stated that anyone purchasing this product cannot file a claim against Chris, Matt, or Ian and that all disputes must be prosecuted in the state of Florida. So, before the appropriate court can proceed with this case, the court needs to take into several considerations around the rules of jurisdiction, alternative dispute …show more content…

The who can be considered anyone, starting from the top of the organization right down to the customers, or even the owner of the building (Kubasek, 2012, pp. 24). Therefore, Chris and the representative of Novelty Now should have gotten with all the relevant stakeholders, so they could have evaluated all the different aspects that the substitute chemical could have on the public safety. The values, or the purpose of the decision, is the goal of making good decisions, and what the decision seeks to obtain. Even though the substitute chemical did not require the FDC approval however, being up front and honest with all the stakeholders will go a long ways. Therefore, Novelty now should have implemented the “Golden Rule, that we all should interact with other people the way that we would like them to interact toward us”(Kubasek, 2012, pp. 26). The right thing could have been as simple as applying the proper label. The final component to take into consideration when applying ethics is the how. The how is important for companies to come up with standard guidelines for making particular ethical decisions about the well-being of their stakeholders. Making good ethical decisions are essential to making the right choices. Therefore, Chris and the Novelty Now team should have had a standard practice to investigate all new chemicals, and involved all the relevant stakeholder in their decision to change the ingredient. This ethical behavior performed by Novelty Now, and Chris to cut corners, so they could increase profitability could have seriously injured Donald

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