Margot Rkos: A Narrative Fiction

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When the door was opened, Margot ran out. She seemed upset, but furious at the same time. It seemed as if she were dynamite and her classmates were the fuses that made her explode. “Wait-” William started to say. ”Let her have some time to herself before apologizing.” Although William didn’t think that that was the right thing to do,but he listened anyway. I couple minutes have passed and the room still seems silent. No one wants to be the person to say or do anything first. That 's when out of nowhere, Margot RKOs William. “Thats for locking me in the closet” No one knew how hostile she could be until now. RKO RKO RKO R-K-O! She RKO’d everyone in the room except the teacher. She could be a wrestler with those RKOing skills. Thinking about
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