Margret Feury: Sleeping Disor

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Margret Feury, most called her Peggy, was born in 1924 on the day of July 30. She was born in Jersey City in New Jersey. Her mother was Irish, but she was born in the United States with her sister. She went to Barnard University in New York City. Margret Fuery had a sleeping disorder called narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is a disorder that causes your sleep control to be abnormal. This disease caused her to have daytime sleepiness. When these sudden narcoleptic episodes would happen this is a sleep attack. This can happen during everyday activities such as acting in the case of Mrs.Fuery. This made created a huge derailing of her career. When these attacks happened, she was in danger of hurting herself and others. She may have been diagnosed around the age of 25. That is around the age that people discover that they have narcolepsy. That is also the prime years for an actor. At that time, she was still working on Broadway as an actor. This sudden change in life style was probably one of the reasons why she left the acting business and moved to being an acting teacher. She had been in the acting world for so long that she was able to teach the next…show more content…
She was in an automobile accident in West Log Angeles due to a head-to-head collision. This may have been by her narcolepsy, but we no evidence to support this claim. Her legacy is still alive today with the success of her students, and the credibility of her studio The Loft. That acting school that she founded will be her prize for the world to appreciate for years to come. She started out as an average acting student ,then went to Broadway after that moved to California to work at an acting school ,and she finished the race of her life with her own acting school. Her hard work and dedication to the art is something to aspire toward in everyone’s career in whatever they chose to do. History was changed when that woman started making an impact on others with her
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