Margret Peterson's Amon Among The Hidden

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My mother had a love of reading which she desperately tried to pass on to her children. I remember we would go to the Library all the time, which was one of my favorite memories as a child. My mom would tell us to pick out three books each and off we would go. When I was young I defiantly judged a book by its cover, I wanted the outside to look inviting and then maybe I would pick it out to discover what the inside was all about. My mother would read to us every night, at first just some simple children’s books and then, as we got older, we would read novels together. I loved those memories and even though I had a very caring mother with my very best intentions in mind I never really picked up on reading. That was until I fell in love with my first book.…show more content…
This book was incredible. Even thinking about it now gives me chills, probable because it was the first book that really made me love reading. In this story the main character is Luke and he is growing up in a futuristic society where families are only allowed to have two children. And he is the third. He is never allowed to go outside or let anyone know that he exists. As the story goes on he finds another child like himself and this is the beginning of an amazing seven book series. I read every book of the shadow children series and fell in love with every single one. Now these books gave me a love for novels that lasted for years, my peak of reading was probable in middle school. I read many, many books, I would even consider myself a book worm. Though once High school hit my reading days were over. I become involved with many things and reading was just put on the backburner. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school when I was introduced to the book I would always have a special place

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