Marguerite Annie Johnson Angelou Analysis

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American author Marguerite Annie Johnson Angelou, known for her poetry and autobiographies, was a controversial writer during the late 1900’s. Describing one’s past is maybe a difficult topic for certain people to share with others. Having millions of people read about it; however, is something not everyone will want to give. Unless, the reader receives an interest in the journey and ideas of the author. Angelou lived through a period in the late 1900’s where segregation was harsh for African-Americans. There were many KKK threats, disrespective harassments, and a growing idea that white people were more superior. Having to live through the whole World War II as a child, she has experience through the struggles of finding jobs (Ball).…show more content…
Although not many schools approves Angelou’s work because of censored content, others appreciate the ways of Angelou’s writing. She points out certain situations through racism, which many sees “her poetry becomes both political and confessional”, critic Priscilla R. Ramsey says (Bloom, 76). Ramsey also says, most readers enjoy “ her full length creative writing” rather than pointing out parts of her autobiographies are not for every type of audiences (Bloom, 76). Her most controversial writing was based on her sexulality as a young adult and she faced in her traumatic childhood. From these topics, is was what her works were almost banned in public schools and libraries (Williamson). However those topics gave out a good example that should be expressed. It helps others who have might have gone through the same things, to feel secured they are not alone. To critics, Francoise Lionnet, Angelou autobiographies also gave her audience find that she “succeeds in gesturing toward the black community, duplicitous uses of language for survival” (143). That is what readers most admire her for, her honest yet well written works is where her work was acknowledged. Her way of writing did not seem to have any wrong or right way. Angelou looked up to past literature writers which helped her write down her
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