Marguerite Annie Johnson Angelou: The Life Of Life In The 1900's Life

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American author Marguerite Annie Johnson Angelou, known for her poetry and autobiographies, was a controversial writer during the late 1900’s. Describing one’s past is maybe a difficult topic for certain people to share with others. Having millions of people read about it; however, is something not everyone will want to give. Unless, the reader receives an interest in the journey and ideas of the author. Angelou lived through a period in the late 1900’s where segregation was harsh for African-Americans. There were many KKK threats, disrespective harassments, and a growing idea that white people were more superior. Having to live through the whole World War II as a child, she has experience through the struggles of finding jobs (Ball). Most of the late 1900’s, people of different color did not go along so well…show more content…
She graduated from her eighth grade class in Stamps. In that summer, she visited her father until his girlfriend attacked Angelou. Angelou ran away and lived in the junkyard for a month (Williamson). She then returned to her education in San Francisco along with her brother to live with their mother during World War II. Angelou worked as a streetcar conductor, and known to be the first black female to work in that position. She finally graduated from George Washington High School; During her schooling at George Washington High School, Angelou won a scholarship to study dance and acting (Maya Angelou, Biography). She took on the career of acting and performing as a dancer to support her son Guy. Her writing then also becomes screenwriting and an activist for civil rights. Angelou started her writing when she was mute from the rape incident, until the silence broke with the help of a close friend of her grandmother, Bertha Flowers (Ball). Miss. Flowers encouraged Angelou to speak and introduced her with well known literature of Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, and many others

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