Marguerite Johnson's I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

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Introduction and Main Characters
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is an autobiography by Maya (Marguerite Johnson) and the book is about the early years of her life. The book is the first of seven books about her life. The main characters are Bailey Johnson Jr. who is Maya’s brother, Momma Henderson who was Maya and Bailey’s Grandma, Uncle Willie was Momma’s Henderson’s son who was crippled. Vivian Baxter who was Maya’s mother, and Bailey Sr. Maya’s and Bailey’s father. Summary The book begins with Maya at three years old and Bailey are four years being sent from their father in California to their grandmother in Stamps, Arkansas. In the beginning up until
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Even though they had a good time, her father becomes drunk and sleeps in the back of the car. Maya did not want to sleep in that town, so she road down the mountain, without even knowing how to drive. She eventually crashes into another car, and she wakes up her father. Her father talks to the owner and everything was fine. They drove back to his house and Maya’s father’s girlfriend, starts screaming at him, and she says that she doesn’t want Maya around. She then insults Maya’s mother and Maya slaps her. The girlfriend then cuts Maya and Maya runs away to her father. Her father takes her to his friend who is a nurse. Maya tells her father that she should leave and that she should not go to his house. She then flees downtown. She was homeless for a month, and she told her mother to buy her a ticket to come home. Her mother did not know what happened and Maya wanted to keep it like that. When she gets home Bailey moves out and Maya gets a job. Because of her skin, it was hard for Maya to get a job. However, Maya gets a job as the first African American streetcar conductor in San Francisco. Even though she felt independent, Maya could never relate to her school mates about her experience throughout the

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