Maria Alvarez Summary

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Maria Elena Alvarez works as a Senior Corporate Human Resources Manager at Neovia Logistics. The path that Maria Elena Alvarez followed to her current position started when she attended The University of North Texas and her desire to peruse a carrier in Human Resources and Business Management. While at UNT, she was able to obtain an Internship in the human resources field, at this point of her life she made the decision of concentrating her goals in the Human resources field. After graduating from UNT, she obtains an entry level position as a Human Recourses assistant at a healthcare company. As part of her objectives, Maria Elena moved on perusing better opportunities at other companies, attempting to gain the necessary experience. At the present time, she works as…show more content…
Alvarez specified that the worst part about her job is when people choose not to do what is right and their employment must be terminated.
Maria E. Alvarez indicated that Human Resources are a trade that is always innovating therefore; continue education in the field is a must to be able to stay up to date with innovation.
She commend that the most important things that a future HR professional should learn from an undergraduate course in human resource management, is to learn as much as you can in employment law. Being computer literate is also a key to success. Learn Spanish especially if work in Texas Florida and California. Knowledge in compensation and benefit plans are very important as well.
She also mentions that a future HR professional should continue learning after graduation because HR laws, regulations, and new ways of doing things always change. She persistently stated that having integrity and being ethical is pivotal in being successful. Also, being polite and respectful to others is a must; don 't burn your bridges, be personable, be approachable, do what you say you are going to do, be trustworthy. Two of the best classes I took: Intro to Business and Speech. Have
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