Maria Chavez: Case Study

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CCIB received a call from Erin Nagel 7995 Handel Way, San Diego, 92126 (909) 725-3030. Erin is a co-complainant. The reporting party (RP) stated that her 9 month old daughter (name not provided) was in the care of Maria Chavez. The RP stated she lives across the street for the home and observed the licensee removing furniture. The RP stated she questioned the licensee regarding the removal of the furniture. The licensee 's replied she was removing the furniture to have the home fumigated. The RP became suspicious of the licensee 's behavior and continued to inquire about the day care receiving vague answers. The RP stated on 9/25/15 a school bus arrived at the home to drop off a school age child. The driver looks through windows and

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