Maria Full Of Grace Analysis

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Maria’s friend Lucy, who she met from being under the same circumstances had her troubles flying to New York. Lucy had a drug pellet that ruptured inside of her, furthermore was incompetent to get hospitalized; when they arrived to New York.No one cared for Lucy other than Maria.Lucy was un-able to fight in order to survive and perished. The drug dealers refuse to give the money to Lucy’s family. All the money Maria made; bringing drugs in America was given away towards the end of the film. She gave the money to a individual who can help her arrange Lucy’s body to be sent back to Colombia. This leads Maria wanting to stay in New York; in the light of not wanting to goback to Colombia wherethere is a lack of job opportunities. she decides to stay in New York; seeking for a better contingency life style. Maria's decision shows compassion toward others.…show more content…
She has three decisions to make throughout the film “ Maria Full of Grace”. Maria first decision was to keep her unborn baby, which led going into the drug industry. Her second decision was to take sixty-three capsules; while putting her baby and herself at high risk. Maria last decision was to give all her money to her deceased friend Lucy. This lead Maria to stay in New York and leave the drug industry behind her in Colombia. This also made her want to search for a better life so her child can have a brighter future. I learned from Maria's personality as being thoughtful, However she is also egotistical. She has given no chance for the father of the baby to be a part of his child life. Also, she risk her child's life for money. Maria put herself in a covetous
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