Maria Gay Aspiration

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As a child, everyone has inspirations to become a professional athlete or a celebrity. As I began to mature, I aspired to become an entrepreneur. Throughout the pass year, I have attended many business camps. These camps helped me understand that the life of an entrepreneur isn 't easy. It takes hard work and dedication to become successful. This is just one of my aspirations. My other aspiration is to work with technology. I love exploring the capacities of computers and cell phone and using them to a greater capacity than most people. The two most influential women in my life, Maria Gay, my mother, and Ms. Bridgette Lyons, my mother 's friend, live the life of entrepreneurs, and are heavily involved with technology. Ms. Lyons was born in Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies on February 5, 1966. She is the youngest of three children. In 1971 Ms. Lyons attended Saint Peter and…show more content…
Lyons likes and dislikes many aspects of her position as president of her company. She loves to see the outcome of her work, when veterans are happy about receiving the needed healthcare. The negatives about her position is the political involvement and funding. Many people within the government want things to be done a certain way and her company 's solutions do not always match their ideas, and many times her company has to create new solutions to satisfy many people, which can be frustrating. Another negative is funding. Congress determines how much money goes into the fiscal budget, then the VA splits it into different business programs. With limited funding, the competition is intense and only a few businesses can be selected. Ms. Lyons was not required to have any extra certification to start her own company, but she does recommend studying business administration because it will help your understanding of how businesses work. Ms. Lyons left me with very valuable information. She told me to always stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest technology so that I will be ahead of the
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