Maria Greco Case Study

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1. Identify some of the “abnormalities” that you recognize and would want to know more about regarding Maria Greco.
I want to know more about Maria’s family history and her mother depression. I think that is important to her experiences as a child and her biological make up. She may be predisposed to a diagnosis because of her family conditions. Growing up with a parents struggling with depression may have some psychological effects on Maria. I also wonder how Maria grieved her mother’s death. Maria may still grieving her mother’s death because four years is not a great time to morn a parents depending on the nature of the death and how one processes loss. I would want to know Maria’s outlook on her mother’s death and condition. How she interprets her mother’s condition and her mother’s suicide may give me more information on her mental capabilities.
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What are some things that stand out to you in this case?
I think it was interesting that Maria sis not want to see psychiatrist. I wonder if that has something to do with her mother’s diagnosis. Maria denied depression; I wonder if that comes from her history with her mother and from what she experienced with her mother. I thought it was interesting that she was cooperative even though she was reluctant to come to see the psychiatrist. The psychiatrist views her cognition intact and that is a strength.
I was interested in her fear of having another attack and her lack of doing normal activities. Maria changed her daily behavior like driving to minimize the occurrence of the panic attacks; as well as being concerned with her health condition. Maria avoided social relationships which is common in people with panic attack and agoraphobia. But with the lack of information about her fears I would want to dig deeper before diagnosing Maria with agoraphobia. I thought it was interesting that Maria was diagnosed with school phobia as a child. I would want to explore the circumstances and symptoms that led to that
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