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Overview: Maria was born in Liverpool, England on the 21st of May in 1961. Her family was her father, Peter Guinan, her loving Mother Patricia Guinan and her older brother Mark Guinan. Her family immigrated to Australia when she was at the age of 15. And even to this day God seems to work wonders in her life. Announcement: When Maria was born, she was baptised into the Catholic Church, this happened 53 years ago. When Maria was 30 she started searching and came upon a prayer group in a neighbouring Parish. They were starting a program called “Life in the Spirit Seminar”. It was very enlightening for her and deepened her faith and understanding of the Holy Spirit. She has always had her eyes set on God and has not looked into any other religions. Because Maria was born into a Christian family the positives were that she was able to be sent to a Christian primary and secondary schools, which gave her a sound knowledge of her faith. However; it…show more content…
To hear His voice and a hunger to learn and study the Bible. This led her to six years of Bible study, which she found, “very precious” especially when she prayed with other people. The Word would come to her mind and through discernment when she spoke out God’s Word, it healed and changed people’s lives. To attend Church each morning and live in a Community of like-minded people, living as in the Acts of Apostles. Living in the fullness of God’s Grace. The most testing part for Maria was being in a community where the Leadership model was based on male Leadership. Women with leadership gifts were not given any authority to lead. This led to boundaries being crossed in her marriage which was modelled on complementing one another and sharing their gifts. Maria found it humbling being the ‘”wife” of the Area Leader, feeling her gifts and talents were not really acknowledged. Within her home she felt secure and

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