Maria Ogier Research Paper

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Maria Cristina Ogier was born in Florence, Italy, March 9th, 1995. She was born into constant communion with god and prodigious. Maria was the only child of Dr. Henery Ogier and Gina Matteoni. She was a healthy child except for the little sicknesses every once in a while until she was 4. When she was four she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Doctors were hesitant to perform surgery on her, because of her age. Maria did not flaunt or hide her disease she just lived her life. Four months after she received her first communion on April 30, 1961 her parents her parents took her to the lourdess Shrine, hoping that she would be cured and become the healthy child she had been at age four. A cure did not happen. Her parents next took her to visit…show more content…
The boat would provide transportation and facilities for casualties and first aid. Even though Maria was suffering a horrible condition, she enlisted the help of religious organizations, churches, businesses, and schools. Maria drew plans for the boat and all the money that she needed was donated to her for the boats completion. The latest in testing equipment and medical supplies were purchased according to directions given by her father and his friends. The Maria Cristina, named after the teenager Maria, continues to provide great assistance to the Amazon River. Still dreaming of becoming a doctor Maria enrolled in a university but was too weak to attend many of the required sessions. She was suffering from the brain tumor and her right foot continued to drag. After assisting at Mass and receiving Holy Communion, she suffered a bulbar paralysis (impairment of function of the cranial nerves) and died. In Maria’s memory, a day hospital was named after her. It was for young girls and homes for pregnant women who were impoverished. Maria is truly called a servant of god, and a holy teenager. Maria was a strong girl who fought from the time she was 4 years old and is still fighting as an angel of god. Maria died January 8, 1974 at age 19. Maria is still remembered today and is an inspiration to many girls like
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