Maria Sibrian Essay On My Father

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For many, a certain object or thing brings them closer to God. Maria Sibrian my mother, what brings her closer to God is a photograph of her father. Her father was a very religious man and at a young age he was murdered .For her, the photograph is truly significant, to her it is a sacramental, which is a way of her encountering God. Her father passed away when she was the age of 14. For her she explained that having this photograph reminded her of the importance of having a good relationship with God. God for her is a way of understanding the importance of life. I did not know that my mother carried a photograph of her father everywhere she went. Having realized that her father to her was a symbol hope, I was able to understand that she relied on the presence of her father and God to get through different struggles. My mother grew up in a time of civil war in the country of…show more content…
However, when she prays with the photograph of her, father she feels that she actually connects with God and Jesus on a higher level. When interviewing her I asked how exactly can a simple photograph bring her closer to God and Jesus, she answered with, “God and Jesus are two people I know exist yet I have not shared an encounter with them, yet my father I lived with him and saw the way he believed in them, and that makes me feel as though I know a person who is good friends with them and that they are watching over me just as my father is.” When she explained that her father and Jesus are like the same person I was shocked. How could her father and Jesus be the same person? Her answer was that the compassion, her father had with helping others and making sure they were on the right path was like that of Jesus, then I quickly realized how one can come to that conclusion. She believes that the way Jesus acted during his time was similar to her father’s and that she felt close to God through her
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