Maria Stewart Speech

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In “Then I Must Worship the Spirit in My Own Way”, preached by Red Jacket, and a “Lecture Delivered at Franklin Hall” by Maria Stewart are speeches that persuades the audience through rhetorical questions and connects with the audience in order to establish the speaker’s authority.
Through a serious and passionate voice, Red Jacket, Sagoyewatha, defended the Iroquois religion during his speech, “Then I Must Worship the Spirit in My Own Way” that consisted of a mini history lesson and rhetorical questions. The New York Seneca chief, Red Jacket, was the negotiator between the new U.S. government and the Seneca. The speaker portrays a good reputation because he was given a peace medal for his efforts in 1792. As a result of his good reputation, Red Jacket was asked to preach among the Iroquois in New York State by a Boston missionary society. In his exordium, Sagoyewatha included the history of the white settlers’ arrival to this country. When their forefathers arrived, “an evil day came upon us...we gave them corn and meat; they gave us poison in return”. These
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Stewart was part of Boston’s African American middle class and worked as a servant in a clergyman’s home. Before serving as a nurse in Washington, DC during the Civil War, Stewart delivered four speeches, including the lecture at Franklin Hall in 1832. Stewart began her speech with a rhetorical question, “Why sit ye here and die?”, and replies by expressing how the whites are so in control of everything that they determine our life span. Additionally, Stewart asserts references from the Bible to appeal to the similarly religious audience. These references showcase how these prejudice treatments are not appreciated in the Bible. Therefore, Red Jacket and Maria Stewart both fought for justice with the assistance of rhetorical
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