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It is the late 1930s in Austria and Maria, played by actress Julie Andrews, is desperately trying to become a nun. Maria took care of the children belonging to Navy captain Georg Von Trapp as a hired governess. The captain and Maria weren't to keen on each other in the beginning, but over time they fell in love, which created issues due to Maria being a postulant and the captain engaged (and eventually widowed). Soon later, more problems arise when Austria finds itself being overun by Nazi Germany and the captain discovers he may be drafted into the German navy and be forced to fight against Austria. Maria, the captain, and the children decide to escape Austria and begin a new life together.
The Sound of Music is a musical based on based on the memoir of Maria von Trapp, The …show more content…

When the captain sang the song with his children, you could see how much love he had for them as their father. It was a very touching part of the movie that was very enjoyable. No matter how bad things looked, Maria never gave up and she always tried making people happy along the way. She persevered through every obstacle with persistence and it was quite admirable and inspirational. The story was fit the timeline very well and created some great tension in the movie, such as when the captain was to be drafted for the German Navy for World War II. It was very exciting seeing events unfold one by one.
All-in-all, the movie was very well done. The music was catchy and went along perfectly with the various themes and occurrences in the film, the story line had a good theme and plot, the timeline in which the events took place created drama and excitement for me personally, and the actors and actresses performed astoundingly. I'd have to say that one of my personal favorite parts besides "Edelweiss" was the performance and singing of "Do-Re-Mi." It's a very happy and catchy song and I personally enjoyed it as one of my favorite parts in the

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