Mariah Carey's Life

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Although Mariah Carey is a lot alike other pop artist today, her album (Mariah Carey) incorporated a range of contemporary genres with a mix of slow ballads and dance tracks. Her first ever performance was at the Grammy’s, 1991. Mariah’s song, “Vision of Love” was very popular. The Rolling Stones even said, that the song “Vision of Love” had many fluttering strings and was the reason why American Idol got vocal schools!”
Earlier Years in Music
When Carey was 18 she went to a party hosted by CBS records. Mariah gave a demo tape to Mottola, who was the main guest of the party. After the party was over Mottola went in his car to listen to Mariah’s tape. After listening to it he signed her up immediately, and set her to work on her first album.
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The performance was published as an album and a home video, which come to be another No.1 single. The next album “Music Box” (1193) included the No.1 singles, “Dream Lover” and “Hero”. Her 1994 album, “Butterfly” included two compositions written by Mariah, and had some Hip-Hop and R&B, including the Sean “Puffy” Combs-produced “Honey”, her 12th No.1 hit.
Personal Life
Mariah Carey was born March 27th, 1970. She rose to be famous with her first album “Mariah Carey”. Mariah Carey continued booking successes with her next few albums, Emotions, Music Box, Merry Christmas, and her highest selling act. Daydream made music history when it’s second single, “One Sweet Day” which was a duet with Boyz II Men.
Throughout Carey’s career she has collected many honors/awards. Which includes the World Music Award, Best Selling Female Artist of the Millennium, and The Grammy’s Best New Artist in 1991. She even got Billboard’s Special Achievement Award for the Artist of the Decade during the 1990’s. In her span of 10 years, Cary has sold 200 million records worldwide!
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At the concert she sung “Hero” and “Dreamlover” those two songs were No.1 hits. Her second Tour was Daydream World tour. In this world tour she sung a couple more No.1 hits. Her last concert, Butterfly World Tour she sung a couple more No.1 hits, including “Puffy” and “Honey”. These concerts were very fun and exceting. It made you want to jump out of your seat!
Mariah 's Musical Style
Mariah has wrote many songs about racism, social alienation, death, world hunger, and spiritually. She has said most of her works is autobiographical. Some instruments Mariah uses is drum machines, keyboards, and synthesisers. But many of her songs are piano driven melodies. Mariah says that she only uses her voice as an instrument but you can tell that she uses many other instruments. Mariah Carey has a five-octave vocal range. She also has the ability to reach notes beyond the 7th octave. She has been referred to as the "supreme bird".
Mariah Carey was very popular when she was younger (she still is popular). She had many No.1 hits and was very successful in her younger days. Mariah is still a great singer and should release some more songs. She 's also a beautiful women and makes a great role model for young
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