Mariam In Toni Morrison's A Thousand Splendid Suns

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In the novel, A Thousand Splendid Suns, the main character Mariam goes through multiple trials and hardships that have shaped the person she had become. The people she surrounded herself with, and her settings, also played a key role in her development. But the one person to cause this momentum would be her mother, Nana. Nana was the driving force of Mariam hardships, she planted seeds of doubt into her and made her believe that no one would truly care for her because she was a harami. Finally, Nana said a comment that at that time Mariam did not know she would be truly affected like her mother predicted. Nana told Mariam that a man will always accuse her for the problems life hands over. From then on, Mariam was subjected to discrimination and abuse from the men in her life. The first person to treat Mariam with disrespect was her father, Jalil. It was not apparent at first, he would actually visit her and treated her admiration. Jalil was a wealthy man in Herat, he owned multiple shops and theaters and even lived in a mansion. He would buy Mariam gifts every time he visited her and would even supply her and her mother necessities every month. But, as the story progress, when Mariam would ask to visit his home or just go for a walk with him around the city Jalil…show more content…
From all the verbal abuse from her mother, to her father abandoning her, to the physical abuse from her husband. Mariam developed a wall around her to protect herself. At that time period, women were treated like garbage, they would be beaten in public and raped if the men felt like they needed to teach a lesson. Mariam was already use to these thing happening to her daily, so when she referred back to her mother’s comment she was no longer upset about her outcome. Because her mother had warned her, and she saw it coming. That is how Nanas quote fit the overall plot of the novel and to Mariam character
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