Mariam In Herat

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This story features two main protagonist characters, Mariam and Laila. Mariam, an illegitimate child raised by her mother, wishes to live with her father and her nine half-siblings in Herat. Finally, Jalil agrees to take her to watch a movie as her 15th birthday’s wish but later he doesn’t show up. Mariam sets in her own journey to Herat, without informing Nana. She doesn’t meet Jalil but the next morning when Jalil 's chauffeur drives Mariam home, she finds that her mother’s dead body.
Mariam grieves and blames herself for her mother’s death. Mullah Faizullah, her elderly kuran teacher tries to stop her from accusing herself for her mother’s death. Later, after the funeral Jalil takes her to his home. Her step mothers see her as an
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On the other hand, in their neighborhood lived Laila, the youngest child of Hakim and Fariba. Laila is a beautiful smart child and Hakim has big dreams regarding his daughter. As Afghani war against the Soviets breaks out, both of her older brothers leave to join the war. The absence of her brothers make her mature for her age. In the same neighborhood lives a boy named Tariq, Laila’s best friend. As the war continues, they receive the news about the death of her two brothers. Fariba’s heart shatters into pieces and she’s left numb for days. Time brings along lots of changes with it, Tariq and Laila’s friendship turns into love. A few years later, war reaches Kabul and many people start to leave Kabul as the condition worsens. So does Tariq’s family. As they bid their final good byes, they make love for the first time. On the other hand, Fariba sticks to her decision of not leaving the land which has been drenched by the blood of her beloved sons. Anyhow, a few days later, Laila 's parents decide to leave Afghanistan as Hakim convinces Fariba and tells her that they still had their youngest child Laila. As they were preparing to leave, a rocket hits their house and Laila 's parents die, leaving Laila an
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