Marian Anderson Essay

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Marian Anderson was a driven African American singer. "We don't take colored" (Collins 106). Marian was deprived of singing in many places because of the color of her skin. She was always well behaved and never wanted conflict so she never would argue. Marian never gave up in her dream of becoming a singer. "She became the first black performer ever invited to sing at the Metropolitan Opera in New York" (Collins 111). Anderson spent a lot of her career traveling and performing across the United States. Rosa Parks made her decisions for the good of the group. She stood up for African American Rights. Rosa Parks was always planning ahead and always followed the rules. "Even in defiance she was a perfect lady" (Collins 109). By refusing to…show more content…
"Ella left home after college and embarked on a career as a community organizer- a job that involved traveling by herself in an era when women were still expected to have a male protector when they were away from home" (Collins 117). She was hired as an organizer for the NAACP. (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) Baker was a great communicator and could get along with any group of people" (Collins 117). Laura McGhee understood the needs of others around her. "She allowed any plantation workers who were left homeless after they tried to register to vote to move onto her land-which she also put up as security for bail so many times that the authorities finally stopped accepting it" (Collins 131). Laura wanted others around her to be happy and hated to see people on the streets. She was humble, kind and aware of others needs as well as her own. "Homeless people deserve equality just as much as blacks and whites" (Collins 131). Diane Nash, one of the most respected leaders of the Civil Rights Movement, was always calm. "One of Gods beautiful creatures, just about the most gorgeous woman any of us had ever seen...., " wrote John Lewis in his memoir (Collins136) "Diane was always calm, very deliberate, always straightforward and sincere" (Collins 136). She did not want to be involved with the rioting so she always remained silent and never used any
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