Mariana Mazzucato's 'Government-Innovator'

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Government – Investor, Risk- Taker Innovator – Critical Review

Government – Investor, Risk- Taker Innovator
Mariana Mazzucato, Filmed Jun 2013
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The article titled ‘Government – Investor, Risk- Taker Innovator’ is a speech delivered by Mariana Mazzucato, and talks about the government investor and the American risk taking in the social media space. This paper will be discussing the aspects of this speech and critiquing the same. This article was chosen as it is an informative and persuasive delivery speech.
As Grunig says the purpose of speech persuasion is to convince and persuade the audiences’ or the person(s)’ behaviours, ideas and actions by delivering the speech while keeping the target audiences in mind (Grunig 1989,
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Another point is that though the speaker poses a questions to her audiences, it is not to invoke a response, rather the question acts as a support to the fact-based claims to persuade the audiences. Additionally, the flow of information and the repetition is intentional on Mazzucato’s part, to retain the audience and to ensure that the intended message gets across. She returns to the opening theme and appeals for action, leaving the audience thinking and keeping a scope for discussion.
To conclude, the speech was effective and well thought-out, prepared and researched, which is often required before delivering an informative speech. Mazzucato exhibits confidence in the information she is presenting and believes in her convictions, evident through her expressive body language and hand gestures. Her voice is energetic, warm and, appropriately pitched to convey the required intensity. The use of digital tools to demonstrate the topic through stimulating animation makes her presentation very effective and easy to follow. Overall, this is a perfect example of how a good speech should be
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