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“Let them eat cake”. This famous quote is most commonly associate with Marie Antoinette, rumored to have said this when told that the peasants could not afford to eat bread. However, this was not the case, as Marie Antoinette never said such a thing. Instead, Marie Antoinette was one of the more compassionate queens of France. However, Marie Antoinette would be a victim of circumstance, as her early troubles with marriage and habits as a young woman would cause her to be hated by the public and later targeted during the French Revolution. She would be seen as the representation of everything wrong with the aristocracy, but it was her title of queen that would be more influential than she ever was.
Marie Antoinette was born in Vienna, Austria,
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However, Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI were famous for helping the poor and disadvantage. She and her husband made donations regularly and Marie Antoinette provided employment on her farm. Before and during the French Revolution, Marie Antoinette was said to lead an extravagant life, hosting lavish parties and gambling. While there is evidence supporting that this was true, Marie Antoinette showed more concern for the poor than many others in the upper class, and later on, when Marie Antoinette had children and matured, her expenditures would be reduced and gambling would become nothing more than “a folly of youth that she outgrew” (Charlotte), and her spendings, despite being high, did not contribute a lot to the already huge debt the French government owed.Meanwhile, the allegations that Marie Antoinette were just outright fiction, as Marie Antoinette was faithful to her husband. Her political influence was almost negligible, as although Marie Antoinette attempted to advance Austrian interests in France, her attempts were mostly failures, and being uninterested in politics, Marie Antoinette would only use politics as a way to secure favors from her friends. However, the Revolutionary smear campaign would ruin how Marie Antoinette is seen today, depicting her as a woman who spent massive amounts of money and was unfaithful to her

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