Why Is Marie Antoinette Wrong

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Marie Antoinette was the last queen of France, who was born and died in the late 1700s. She was married to Louis XVI, a little after the American Revolution. The queen had no idea what she was doing, made foolish decisions that aided her downfall as the Queen of France. However, Marie is not the main nor the only reason for her wrongly formatted and carried out execution. Marie Antoinette was wrongly executed due to an inaccurate image of her, the King’s actions and fabricated crimes. Marie Antoinette had an inaccurate image spread about her throughout her lifetime. The people slandered the young queen, While the French said things about Marie Antoinette that lowered her reputation and made her disliked throughout history. There is no evidence…show more content…
1. Marie Antoinette’s main charge against her was treason. Along with Louis’s secret deals, this whole accusation created because of an idea they would build up a counter revolution to counter-attack the revolution that was currently happening. 2. Her own son was forced to testify against Marie Antoinette when he was only eight years old. The guard to her son’s cell created and devised a plan to misuse the boy’s innocence and lack of knowledge. The guard bribed the young boy and manipulated him to lie in the courtroom. Marie Antoinette was later charged with child abuse. Marie Antoinette should not have been executed because of the false image of her, the King’s actions and crimes she did not commit. Marie Antoinette died because of an image so tainted, people just believed all the cruel rumors about her were true. The King’s political and economic choices also aided her death. The court that testified against Antoinette went so far as to create false evidence that was used against
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