Marie Curie's Accomplishments

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Marie Curie, a revolutionary figure of radioactive science during the late 19th century. To some, she was a disruption to the complicated and sophisticated world of science. To others, she paved the way for a whole new breed of scientific research and future discoveries. Her impression on science, and the world of chemistry within, exceeded even the most ambitious predictions and defied everyone’s expectations. “Her roots were of Polish descent, born into a pro-Poland family of her father, mother and several siblings on November 7, 1867” (Pasachoff). Among her greatest assets was her patience and values, focusing on the well-being of her family and her dedication to science.
Amidst Marie’s prestigious qualities and characteristics, there were numerous setbacks that held her at odds with the scientific
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Her most noted achievement, that propelled her scientific platform, was her discovery of the 88th element of the periodic table, Radium. “Though her most well-known contribution to science was of unrivaled status, she also published her finding of element number 84, Polonium, in July 1898, which preceded her discovery of Radium in the following December” (Pasachoff). Her eye-opening revelation to the scientific community was the product of many years of hard work alongside her husband, Dr. Pierre Curie. Along with a handsome pair of unveiled elements, Marie Curie was highly recognized throughout her educational endeavors. “She graduated from high school with the highest honors at just 15 years of age” (Pasachoff). To cap off her vast successes, she received a pair of Nobel Peace Prizes for her work and left a legacy for women everywhere in science. All-in-all, Marie Curie became an accomplished figure of science by overcoming the boundaries that society and life set before her, with her tremendous strength, courage, tenacity and
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