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Marie de France

“There are divers men who make a great show of loyalty, and pretend to such discretion in the hidden things they hear, that the end folk come to put faith in them” (Marie de France 1-11). Marie de France’s writing’s are based on her love affairs, her wealthy family background, and how they all developed into different works of writings.

Marie de France has been through many love affairs, and in some ways they actually helped her out in the long run. Marie de France has gone through many suffering relationships with men. Either it’s they are not committed enough to the relationships. Another thing is they cheat on her with her best friend. Sometimes it could just be a random girl that he met in the street. Then, there was time’s that Marie de France, herself didn’t have a strong connection with men.
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A big part of Marie de France is that she is the very first female writer from France. This title gives her tons of recognition. She also comes from a very wealthy backgrounds. She is the half sister to King Henry the second. She is also related to King John of England and King Philip of France. But, there is no indication given on how she is related to King John and King Philip. But, with Marie de France having her brother-in-law “ King Henry the second “ living in England it makes it easy for her to move from France to England. So that she is so much closer to her family.

FInally this all works into Marie de France’s works of writings Marie de France had written many works of writings in her live time. But, there are some fan favorites of her stories. The most popular is “ Bisclavent the Lay of The Werewolf”. Then, followed by “Anglo-Norman” and lastly by “St. Patrick’s purgatory”. All of these works of writings are based on the fact of Marie de France’s life. Most of the writings talk about her relationships with men, and how she helped other women

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