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The Bolshevik Cause was needed to further the advancement of the people of Russia from socialism to communism. Shortly after the Civil War of and the Great War, it became imperative that Russia gain support from its people and other nations around the world in order to convert as many people as possible to communism. Using her novel, Mess-Mend (1923), Marietta Shaginian developed a piece of communist propaganda that would lure readers into believing that the communistic government of Russia was the “ideal” form of governing rule. Shaginian described capitalism through her American characters in her novel. Throughout the story, the reader was trying to solve the mystery of various crimes and murders that occur in America and the offences involving American characters outside of the United States. Jeremey Morlender was presumed dead after going to Soviet Russia, when in fact, he had defected to Russia’s greatness. After being attacked, Vivian Orton was revealed to having a secret identity in order to infiltrate Russia. Jack Kressling orchestrated a mass genocide of Soviet Leaders so that he could re-establish Russia’s former rulers to keep trade with them. Shaginian generated a representation of capitalist America as a place of deception and…show more content…
She was able to inspire her readers to sympathize with the Communist Cause by making the Russian characters and their ideas so likable and attractive, especially after the Great War and the Civil War caused so much pain and suffering. Russia offered peace and stability through its’ ideals, whereas America proved to only want money by any means necessary - up to and including murder. Shaginian made Mess-Mend into propaganda in order to gather support for communism. Contradictorily, does she also not imply that something must be wrong with communism if so many people are trying to stop

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