Marigolds Analysis

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Marigolds There are different events in life that shape who a person is and is going to be. As teenagers we surely go through these experience but, don’t find out how exactly the event or events impacted our lives. In the fictional book Marigolds by Eugenia Correy the protagonist reviews a significant event that deeply changed her life. Lizabeth, the narrator and protagonist of the story recalls her adolescent years in the true definition of poverty. Her perspective is then changed during the the summer of the Great Depression era due to Miss Lottie, her marigold, and the lost of childlike innocence. Two crucial universal themes for life are taken from this story. Firstly, any situation can be seen in two perspectives,…show more content…
But then the plot twist appears in the story, the event that changes Lizabeth’s perspective on life. This event or events help transfer the theme that, there are certain events in life that transition you from a child to an adult. Moments before this event Lizabeth yet again stands in between child and adult, she says “I just stood there ….torn between wanting to join the fun and feeling that it was all a bit silly.”(pg. 219 Lines 190-192) Later on that day she reaches a climax. You see the plot twist in the story was not Lizabeth destroying Miss Lottie's marigolds. However, it was the event moments before that that defined Lizabeth’s change in perspective. This moment was when she overheard a conversation between her mom and dad regarding their financial struggles. All the bits of information her parents tried to hide to preserve her childhood become discovered. The author expresses part of the theme through the main character’s feelings in line 287-290, “The world had lost its boundary lines….. . Everything was suddenly out of tune like a broken accordion.” This new realization dawned upon her overwhelming the main character and leading her to unleash her anger towards Miss Lottie's marigolds. The narrator recalls the moments as, “that moment that marked my innocence….. This was the beginning of compassion” Overhearing her parents struggles started the uproar that demolished her innocence and cutting Miss Lottie's marigolds completely vanished it. This event then began the start of adulthood allowing her to see the beauty Miss Lottie saw in life. And at the very last line of the book, the narrator says “I too have planted my own marigolds. Meaning she’s found the beauty in life. This wouldn’t have happened if somehow fate didn’t position those events in her life in order to transition her into an
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