Marigolds Eugenia Collier Analysis

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In The Light Of The Marigolds

In “Marigolds”, Eugenia Collier presents a compelling short story that presents the theme of maturity through setting and conflict of interest. In this story, Lizabeth is found wondering if her childhood is over and when she ruins Miss Lottie’s marigolds she finds her maturity in clear light. In this story the kids ran to Miss Lottie’s house and were sitting in the grass, “Actually, I think it was the flowers we wanted to destroy, but nobody had the nerve to try it, not even Joey, who was usually fool enough to try anything. I just stood there peering through the bushes torn between wanting to join the fun and feeling that it was all a bit silly (Eugenia Collier 282).” When Lizabeth was debating on whether to
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Lizabeth chose to join in the fun with the other kids, but later regretted her decision, “I did not join in the merriment when the kids gathered again under the oak in our bare yard. Suddenly I was ashamed, and I did not like being ashamed. The child in me sulked and said it was all in fun, but the woman in me flinched at the thought of the malicious attack I had led (285).” The short story” Marigolds” presents itself as a simple self vs self story. Eugenia Collier explains how a young girl can undergo a serious character change just based on her surroundings and setting of her life. Lizabeth is full of regret and anger after attacking Miss Lottie that she decides to take it out on hard work, “ I had indeed lost my mind, for all the smoldering emotions of that summer swelled in me and burst-the great need for my mother who was never there, the hopelessness of our poverty and degradation, the bewilderment of being neither child nor woman and yet both at once, the fear unleashed by my father's tears. And these feelings combined in one great impulse toward destruction. I leaped furiously into the mounds of marigolds and pulled madly, trampling and pulling and destroying the perfect yellow blooms (286).” Lizabeth’s anger towards the world and herself finally boiled over and she decided to take her anger out
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