Marijuana Argumentative Analysis

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My View of marijuana is to legalize it across the united states, there are many benefits from cannabis that can-do wonders in the medical field for many that truly need it. I have seen and read documentaries, videos of how much cannabis can help with people who are in pain, suffer post-traumatic stress disorder, nausea, insomnia, and so much more. The first question that is asked what is Marijuana and why does it have the reputation as a "bad drug"? Marijuana also known as pot, weed, or cannabis. For many years marijuana has had reputation as a get way drug for other drugs that ARE dangerous such as cocaine and heroin. Marijuana has been one of the top topics that has encounter multiple debates in whether to legalize medical and recreational use across the United States. As of 2017 some states have already legalized both recreational and medical use.…show more content…
Many have debate reason why it should be legal, one GREAT reason it should be legalized or at least first to not be called as a "dangerous drug" is that NO ONE person in the history of marijuana existence has anyone over dose or died from marijuana. (Jacques, 2014) In the Huff Post they state that 2010, 38,329 people died from drug overdoses. And sixty of those were from prescription drugs and 25,692 people died from alcohol related causes. (Jacques, 2014) . Another reason that people are now understanding is that marijuana is not addicting. Like regular tobacco cigarettes, alcohol, prescription pills and even caffeine. (Jacques, 2014) How interesting is
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