Marijuana Argumentative Report

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There are many issues going on with America today, the one issue that all states seem to face is the legalization of marijuana. This is a very controversial topic considering that it is an illegal narcotic being used all over the United States. There is also good uses in cannabis regards to health issues, people that suffer from major illnesses, marijuana could be beneficial. As of now Colorado and Washington have both legalized recreational marijuana usage. The states have acquired major increase in revenue since the legalization of marijuana. Many people find marijuana to be a drug that ruins lives and it doesn 't get you nowhere in life. But marijuana isn 't scientifically proven that it causes harm to the body. I think Connecticut can…show more content…
In Colorado there has been a decrease of imprisonment because Colorado allowed only an ounce possession and let 's its consumers to buy legally. If Connecticut utilized this method we would have less people committing crimes over a little possession of marijuana. I think that going for jail for Marijuana now is absurd because it 's everywhere and it would be easier for law enforcement to search for more dangerous fugitives rather than innocent people with marijuana possession. According to The Washington Post the total number of marijuana card cases fell from 39,027 in 2011 to 2,036 and cases in 2014. Does 37,000 fewer cases represent the people who have to deal with stigma and financial burden of an arrest and a possible…show more content…
Marijuana could also be used for health reasons. Marijuana studies have shown that it can decrease anxiety, decrease the progression of Alzheimer 's disease, and stop the spreading of cancer. If it can help our health then that could be a factor on legalizing it. Connecticut legalized cannabis usage for medical purposes why not let it be for recreational use. It should also release stress and could be useful to people that are dealing with depression. Marijuana could also help with arthritis for the elderly. This can bring Connecticut the ability to find a variety of medicines that come from cannabis. There 's also no way of overdosing on cannabis so there 's not very many health issues. This could be an alternative to cigarette smoke and we could see a decrease in tobacco usage and for alcoholics. Cannabis can also be used as an antidepressant and can heal the body. This could be a big advancement in Connecticut part and could move us forward in
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