Marijuana In College Essay

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Over the years Marijuana has drastically increased in college dorms, and is affecting a large amount of students. In addition, marijuana is the most common used drug on college campuses. Students may think that doing drugs make you “cool” or “popular”, but in reality it 's just a trend that most student cant help but do. College students may not know the side affects of what marijuana can do to your brain. Introduction to marijuana and its effects on college students. Marijuana is a greenish gray mixture of the dried shredded leaves, and the flowered of cannabis sativa the hemp plants. The main chemical in marijuana that affects users is (THC) which is short for delta- 9-tetrahydro-cannabinol. ( THC is found in the leaves of the cannabis plant which makes the users more fond of the drug. That is why it is the most common used drug in the United States. Marijuana use is found in young adults (18-24) which most of them are linked to college students. There are many ways Marijuana can affect a human body, ways that many people do not know about Marijuana can affect brain areas that influence pleasure ,memory, thinking, concentration, movement, coordination, and sensory and time perception.( Marijuana can affect all these…show more content…
College Students have a lot of free time being that classes are not typically all day. So what do you think they 're doing in their free time, smoking of course. Marijuana has been perceived in many colleges all over the United States. There has been recent research on marijuana use by students in HBCU colleges. Being that marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug on college campuses, The drug continues to increase every year. Marijuana has also been linked to alcohol and other drugs. Students tend to overestimate the use of alcohol and other drugs by their peers, they increase their own use so it adheres to the misperceived norms. (Perceived Norms and Marijuana Use at Historically Black
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