Marijuana Legalization Argument Essay

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Lately, the topic of marijuana legalization in the United States has been tremendously debated by government officials and marijuana users throughout the country. The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 banned the use and sale of marijuana in the United States (ElSohly). Marijuana should continue to be illegal because of its toxic smoke, use as a gateway drug, and damaging effects on the developing brains of our youth. I personally believe marijuana should remain illegal in the United States for the benefit of our children, our society and our nation. Some people in this country honestly think that marijuana can be beneficial and base their reasoning on the recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado. “Colorado and Marijuana Legalization One Year…show more content…
Erin Digitale interviewed a Stanford MD graduate Seth Ammerman, adolescent medicine specialist who studies and has worked with teenagers who use drugs. He explained how the brain isn’t fully developed until a person hits their mid- twenties and, “the younger you start using drugs regularly, the more likely you are to become addicted” (Digitale). “One in 10 adolescents who use marijuana become addicted” (Digitale). Once they become addicted, they are less likely to finish their education, and suffer from depression.. Personally, I have seen my own friends and people in my community growing up become addicted to marijuana because of trying it at such a young age. While Way argued that marijuana legalization has helped the economy in Colorado, is the economy more important than our
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