Marijuana Should Be Banned Persuasive Essay

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Come on everyone is doing it, so why shouldn’t you ? At one point or another, teens have an urge to fit into a group. It may be the jocks, the preps, the cheerleaders, or any group. Then once they become a part of the group, they may start to do things that aren’t accustomed to their usual behavior. Sometimes, teens feel pressured and know it is wrong, but because no one is telling them the right thing to do, they figure it’s their only option. According to, “50% of teens feel pressured in regards to sexual relationships”. This topic is very important due to the fact that more teens everyday, including pre-teens, are being pressured and end up in trouble that they could’ve avoided. Since there isn 't anyone around to give them good advice, they…show more content…
Teens shouldn 't be so gullible as to what others may think or say. Instead, they should learn to be more interested in the things that 'll benefit their lives, not ruin them. The issue could be resolved only if people learn how to say "no" and go along with what they know is right. Many may agree that smoking marijuana is very popular, but not everyone has to do it. The ones who do smoke aren 't "cool" because of that, they 're just worshipped more because they do it. According to The Canadian Lung Association, "my friends smoke" and "I thought it was cool" are two of the main reasons those between the ages of 12 and 17 start smoking. With this in mind, it 's pretty obvious that people are scared to do the right thing, and lead the wrongdoers to following them instead. "More than 25 percent of youths who had been approached by someone selling drugs in the month before the survey had used marijuana in the past month." The fact that there are dealers around teens ' neighborhoods could persuade them even more to experiment. Once they 've experimented marijuana, they 're likely to try other substances as well.Understanding the problem is the first step. Though some may feel that it 's harmless, it can still be

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