Marilyn Carlson Social Responsibility Case Study

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Marilyn Carlson Nelson, CEO of Carlson Companies, signed the Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in the Travel and Tourism industry. The Carlson Company established the Code of Conduct to bring awareness to child sex trafficking and prevent sexual abuse of children at tourist destinations. I agree with what the company is trying to accomplish through their decision; sex trafficking is a very sad and serious problem that is prevalent everywhere. I believe that the help of large corporations taking a social stance against illegal activities will significantly contribute to positive change and justice. However, with this decision Carlson Companies has now limited their tourist destination locations within the…show more content…
As part of its obligations under the Code, Carlson had adopted a corporate ethics policy designed to eliminate any organizational association with sex trafficking. Even though the company would not be breaking any rules or regulations, it is not a good look for the company on an ethical level to be opening up a hotel complex in an area highly known for child sex trafficking and prostitution. If the company were to do this, they would be putting their financial interests before their corporate social responsibility to prevent trafficking as best as they can as a company. If the Carlson Company decides to proceed with the hotel development, the company needs to take important steps to assure that they remain in compliance with the Code of Conduct.
These key steps include:
1. Address the fact that the Costa Rica area has a high occurrence of sex trafficking and to inform the public that the company is aware of the situation.
2. Give proper training for all employees to identify warning signs of sex trafficking and how to stop

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