Marilyn Monroe Accomplishments

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Imagine growing up in eleven different foster homes, while getting harassed in many ways by your foster parents. Just to grow up to become one of the world’s biggest sex icons. That is what Marilyn Monroe went through to become who she was. Marilyn Monroe was most famous for her body and how she became an icon but she was more than just a pretty face. To understand how she became this amazing women, you must take a look into her early life, her greatest achievements, along with her rise to fame, and how she made an impact on so many people 's lives. To start, Marilyn Monroe 's life was hectic, and traumatizing. Norma Jeane Mortenson, who we know as Marilyn Monroe, was born June 1, 1926 in Los Angeles ( Editors). She was placed…show more content…
1946 was a big year for Ms.Monroe. To begin with, In the mid 1940s Ms.Monroe was first married to a James Dougherty, years before she became famous. 1946 Marilyn Monroe got her first movie contract, even though that was a big deal for her the same year she sadly got divorced with her now ex husband James Dougherty and was married twice after that and both led to a divorce ( Editors). This shows that even though she had a rough years in her rise to fame she powered through it. Also, Marilyn Monroe dyed her hair blonde, got a chin implant, and used hormone cream to keep her skin white because she was order to do so by her agent. Not only that but she was Playboy 's first sweetheart of the month in the year 1953 ( This shows that she had a lot of accomplishments in her rise to fame. Even though she had some great accomplishments and a good life after she became an adult she did have some down hill experiences. Like, Marilyn was signed and released to several film studios and was hired four days to do a $1 million, two picture deal with and by Fox ( She became the world 's biggest sex icon in the littlest amount of time but had little to no personal freedom after becoming famous (vigilantcitizen). Monroe’s accomplishments and rise to fame was a little bumpy but the years she lived before her death were

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