Marilyn Monroe Conspiracy Impact

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Marilyn Monroe was an icon: an image that innumerous young women have aspired to become, idolize in more ways than one, and inspire many more people in the entire world to reach for fame and fortune—even if these seekers come from unfortunate backgrounds with no ties to anything more. She was found in a factory during World War II. Her real name was Norma Jeane, and she originally was a brunette. A photographer discovered her while taking pictures in a plant that produced miniature remote-control planes that acted as tools for practice for anti-aircraft. Marilyn, or Norma Jeane—at the age of nineteen—was putting the propellers on these planes when David Conover came to the place of Monroe’s employment by the request of President Ronald Reagan. He was walking through the assembly lines, taking pictures of the most attractive female workers there. He walked up, snapped a shot of Monroe, and then asked her to spend her lunch break with him taking pictures as a representative of the Women in War Work. ). This paper will review and discuss various aspects about Marilyn Monroe and her death, as well as conspiracy theories about her death, written by J.I. Baker, K.C. Baker, and Elizabeth McNeil; Caitlin Flanagan; Kristi Good; Griselda Pollock; Georganne Scheiner; and Maurice Zolotow.
J.I. Baker began his journalism career as a reporter covering New York City clubs at Time Out New York, the weekly magazine he helped launch. K.C. Baker is a staff writer at People magazine, where she
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