Marilyn Monroe Early Life

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Most people say that high school dropouts do not get very far in life, but Marilyn Monroe has a different story. The very famous and once popular star was not always perfect. She did not have the life that a famous person is expected to have, but she did work her way to becoming famous. Even though the beginning of her life was full of trials, Marilyn Monroe worked hard and became a well known actress who was and is admired by many.
Marilyn Monroe was born as Norma Jeane Baker on June 1, 1926 in Los Angeles, California. Her mother, Gladys Baker, named her after the actress Norma Talmadge. Gladys had two children before Norma, along with a marriage. Her husband was Jack Baker. Her children were named Bernice and Hermitt Jack. Gladys lost her family when she went home to find a note saying that she would never see her children again (Marilyn Monroe’s Early Life). Jack took the children and went to Kentucky, never to be seen or heard from again. When Norma was born, Gladys was already sad about the loss of two children, but then she could not even take care of her new born baby. She loved her child, but she was mentally unstable and could not afford to care for Norma herself.
Twelve days after the birth of Norma, Gladys took her to the home of Wayne and Ida Bolender (Marilyn Monroe’s Early Life). The Bolenders were an extremely
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This small part gained the attention of many people in the 1950’s. With many more small parts, Marilyn started developing her career. Impressing her audience and critics in All About Eve, she wanted to update her look. In 1953, Monroe came to develop her well known image of being a sex symbol. She acted as a bubbly, dumb blonde in most of her films. Acting dumb caused Monroe to be complimented on how good her comedic skills were. Even with all of her fans and compliments, Monroe was insecure(Marilyn Monroe Climbs to Stardom). She did not think she was a good
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