Marilyn Monroe Harror In The 1950's

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Norma Jeane Mortenson or more widely known as Marilyn Monroe was a prestigious superstar that came to the spotlight in the 1950’s. Marilyn Monroe didn’t have a childhood she liked to look back on. Her mother wasn’t able to care for her so she went back and forth from an orphanage to her aunt's house. She had quoted that she would pretend to be happy to be happy. So how did this lonely child become one of the substantial superstars in the 1950’s? Was it because of her marriage or good looks? How did the public perceive this newcomer, and what did she do for a living.
One way Marilyn Monroe got herself to the top was what she did for a living. She started out as a model, then she was an actress for 20th Century Fox for most of her career. In
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