Marilyn Monroe Informative Speech

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“The truth is, I’ve never fooled anyone. I’ve let them fool themselves, because they didn't bother to find out who I really or what i really was.” Quoted by famous singer,dancer, actress, and model Marilyn Monroe. Born as Norma Jeane Mortenson, she had a very rough childhood. Her mother almost smothered her to death at two, at age six she was nearly raped going in and out of foster homes, because her mother was hospitalized with paranoid schizophrenic. By the age of sixteen she had already dropped out and was married her first husband James Dougherty . Her career was made when a photographer found her and was amazed by her beauty, and wanted her to model. As she started her career, more and more people began to notice her. She moved to Hollywood where she signed a one year contract for $125 a week with Ben Lyon in the studio and got the name “Marilyn Monroe” and “ Blonde Bombshell” nicknames. It was then that her career took off. She started singing, dancing, and acting. Marilyn won a Golden PLate, Golden Globe for people's favorite female and also a Golden Globe for best picture actress. As she was known for , "a sparkling light comedienne," Monroe won the Italian David di Donatello award for "best foreign actress of 1958."…show more content…
Through many broken marriages and un lasting relationships , she still tried to love like she had never been hurt. Her attitude towards what she went through and where she was, made her a strong women. My childhood story was similar to Marilyn’s. I was constantly in and out of foster homes, abandoned and left , never in a stable home. Going through so much at such a young age made me . That’s why I depend on myself and not other people. I cherish the little things in life, because I remember at one point when I had nothing . Marilyn has inspired me in so many ways and taught me that, no matter what you go through, your worst nightmares, could turn into amazing
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