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Marilyn Monroe for some was the ultimate sex symbol and a pretty dumb blonde. However, she was actually suicidal and tried to ease her sadness with pills or drugs. The media took over for Marilyn’s battles with depression.
Despite her smile on the front page of a magazine, Marilyn Monroe has been depressed since her childhood. Marilyn Monroe (born Norma Jeane Mortenson) on June 1, 1926 in Los Angeles, California. She spent most of her childhood in 12 foster homes and in even one orphanage. She never knew her father and lived through total abandonment by her biological mother. She had her first marriage at 16 and it was planned for Marilyn Monroe by her foster parents. After that, she never had a good relationship with a man. Her childhood was
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Her therapist,Dr.Hohenberg said, “Marilyn started to have a fear of disappointing the ones she loved and depended on approval of those close to her.” (writing on wall). According to her therapist, In her diaries there were “signals of excessive worry and depression of unverbalized fears.” (writing on wall). She had so much stress on her drug addiction which was caused by the media. In a letter to her therapist, “i would never intentionally marker mar myself, I’m just that vain. REmember when I tried to do away with myself? I did it carefully with ten second and ten tuinal and swallowed with relief.” (writing on wall). This showed her drug addiction and how she relied on it to make her feel better. This drug addiction resulted in her death on August 5, 1962. After that the media noticed something that was almost too coincidental. The suicidal rate increased by 12 percent. after Marilyn Monroe’s suicide. Marilyn Monroe still continues to make changes in the world. Her long term impact on fashion will always be remembered. “She had a huge impact on women's fashion,” said Ashley Bellet, professor of costume design at Oklahoma City University. “She really kind of made it Okay to be sexually attractive. I think that, especially in costume design, we use some of those elements that are very specific to Marilyn, to heighten a character's sexual attraction.” (Effect on

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