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Marilyn Monroe Forever From a young orphan, to a fast rising star Monroe brought attention from all over. By being herself and not resorting to imitation, she stood out in the crowd and inspired many women into changing the way society would view the stereotypical women. Marilyn Monroe innovated the film industries and got the attention of many audiences, As a child, Marilyn Monroe was abused and neglected. She lived in series of foster homes. At Age 16, Marilyn Monroe was married to Joe Dougherty but her relationship quickly ended when they both signed the divorce papers. In 1950, Monroe undergoes plastic surgery because of her chin deformity. The tip of her nose is implanted into her chin with the operation of rhinoplastic surgery done…show more content…
Her small part in the director John Huston’s drama garnered her a lot of attention. After that film, she was then cast in another film called All about Eve. She impressed audiences and critics with her outstanding acting and blithely personality. Though she was not a star yet, her career would quickly escalate into one of Hollywood’s most famous actresses by winning many awards.The 1950s was her big time of fame that resulted in her earning many different awards. The beginning of 1951, Marilyn Monroe is awarded with the best young office personality. In 1952 she is claimed to be the fastest rising star, also receiving photoplay magazine’s New Star Award and The Look Award in that same year. Her most famous film she played in was “Gentlemen Prefer Blonde,” she became a popular sex symbol of the 1950’s for portraying sexuality which was a big deal in that era. By 1956, Marilyn Monroe was nominated for the best foreign actress in the film “Seven Year Itch”. Thomas also tells us about her downsides of awards, “Never receiving an Academy Award Nomination, no matter how good she was in several movies” (Aylesworth 171). Marilyn Monroe also took part in the March of Dimes Annual Fashion Parade at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City to benefit children with polio. From the world premiere The Prince and The Show Girl Marilyn Monroe donated some of her earnings to the milk fund for babies. Marilyn Monroe took on many charity events and raised
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