Marilyn Monroe Seven Year Itch Visual Analysis

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I have been provided with an image that is considered as iconic and very well known. My image is of Marilyn Monroe and this specific image is a photograph taken by Richard Avedon in 1957. I will be using three other images and three other words to extend our understanding of the historical and cultural significance of my provided image. I will be referring back to this image throughout my essay, so I can explain why my points made deepen our understanding of my given photograph. The three images I will be using to do this is one, a scene from Marilyn Monroe ‘The Seven Year Itch.’ two, Laura Mulvey and a concept she developed called ‘The Male Gaze’ and finally three, an image of JFK’s assassination which occurred on November 22nd, 1963. The three words I will be using to extend our understanding of this image are Narcotics, Mask and…show more content…
This is because Marilyn was known to live two sides to her life just like I had discussed in my first paragraph Marilyn would put a ‘mask’ on when seen in the public eye. This was because she was only really known for her sex appeal. If she was not always looking happy and glamorous men would show no interest in her as she would appear troubled and this is the reason why this photograph was taken by Richard Avedon is so significant. With this photograph being such a rare sighting of Marilyn looking depressed it was captured to the public as one of the only insights of the Norma Jean side of Marilyn. If Norma Jean did not have this mask of Marilyn Monroe she could be even more depressed than she already was as she would not have the distraction of the drugs, alcohol and men she needed to take her mind off of her depressed thoughts. Marilyn’s mask was not just significant to her but also to the people who idolised her during her generation of time. Marilyn was a huge icon not only for her time but also for to the present day but Norma Jean, not so

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